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Tim Ferriss is pioneering optimization in the 21st century. With an over abundance of articles, websites, interviews, authors, youtube clips, and emails, its imperative to stay directly focused, structuring filters based on the destination and outcome that you are striving to achieve. There are hundreds of thought provoking, clever, interesting articles and channels, available to us at all moments, which can occupy the vast majority of our free time. The question to ask is how many of those really push us from where we are now to where we want to be. Getting lost in the web has never been easier. What I admire greatly about Tim Ferriss is his simple approaches and wisdom to over coming this. Below are a sample of a few of his youtube videos, aswell I have included some notes from the two. The investment is worthwhile! 



Its about long term change not short term fulfillments.


Income has no practical value without time.


Make your business compatible with your lifestyle.


Change your environment to remove yourself from habits and schedule.


Stop unnecessary reactive behavior.


Cultivate practical philosophy or operating system rules, you then apply technology to these.


Practical application of these philosophies allow you to reduce your workload without sacrificing income. You will need the internet.


Goal: Working very little and getting very high value for the work you produce.


Decreasing amount of inputs, increasing quality and quantity of output.


True entrepreneur – taking resources from low economic value and shifting them to high economic value.


Massive action without clearly defined objectives is a form of laziness.


The idea of long term retirement planning, in the sense you work for the long haul then redeem afterwords, is flawed.


Its not about work vs personal time, its about utilizing time efficiently.


Measurable objectives!

The objective is to dedicate the most amount of time on things that are most profitable or pleasurable.


Train yourself so tasks dont become reactive habits.


The tools keep getting better and improve our productivity, yet very few people really work less.

Technology is an excellent slave and a terrible master.


rescue time – log the time you spend on open windows and browsers. www.rescuetime.com


Decreasing workload creates a void. People will rather “feel” productive then be idle. Even if what theyre doing doesnt get them closer to their goal.


Me timer – lets you gauge your productivity on web browser.

We have more information then attention.

Its not scalable to organize and absorb it all, we must apply filters.


Efficient – Getting very good at a certain tasks, weather or not it is important.


Effective – Doing what is important.


Having invested alot of time does not make a task important.


Investment means spending an hour to watch a video that will teach you techniques to save more then an hour in the future.


You can be patient for revenue but impatient for profit.


What gets measured gets managed, and measure what matters!


The objective is not more employees, or even more customers, its more profits.


20% customers get you 80% of your profits. Profile them. Stop spending 80% time on high maintenance demographic, and stop treading water on customer service.


Tim Ferriss – Teaches his experiments, and invests in companies.

Determine how your value is measured. Are they posts, money, etc.


Make it so it is less expensive to keep you then it is to fire you.


If most people were as honest with media as they were with their friends, they would get more press.


You dont want to offened people, but you dont want to go out of your way not to offend people.


Polarize people. Have people who love and people who hate your message. Completely agree or completely disagree, it creates discussion and debate, which is main stream media coverage. Label your promotion to one channel.


To establish a brand, you have to know what you are not. A brand is what people associate you with. Be a narrow target. 

Most brands want to be for everyone. Label who isnt your customer. 


You cant create discussion without having people criticize or attack you.


If you create a brand, your going to have to contend to it online.


Its not about how many people dont get your message, its about how many people do. If that gives you the power to accomplish what you want to accomplish, thats satisfying. 


Trying to prevent people from being upset is a unscalable approach to time and priority management.


The one path to a complete lack of productivity is to try and make everyone else happy.


Allow small things to wait or fail, so you can achieve the big milestones and complete the larger projects, in order to change how you lead your life or how your business functions. 


Say no to people. 


As an entrepreneur you have the ability to decipher which customer you want. 


If you analyze your customer base, you will conclude that you have low maintenance high profit customers, and high maintenance low profit customers.


Next door to a club I went to this weekend was a restaurant. I walked in, put my jacket on a seat, and left. Came back around 2am, said I left a jacket here, and picked it up from the lost and found. Operation: Success. 

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