A Health Freaks Number One Ingredient.

Getting into health has been a roller coaster. Constantly discovering the truth about what really creates our food. How just cause somethings healthy does not necessarily mean its for me. In the same way, just because someone has a great method for self-healing or success, wont mean it will connect with you. Health is learning what works for you, not knowing the information and advantages or disadvantages of every food on the market. Health is understanding where food comes from, not just the final product. Health is so much more then just food. Living in North America, where corruption and profits tend to reign control, it can be difficult to keep stable and constantly progress. To say the least, you encounter alot of resistance. You start doing things out of fear or hate, which even though has good intention, such as not supporting a company that doesn’t posses high values or choosing not to purchase from a grocer who isnt organic, can end up separating and alienating. It takes strength to accept people, even if they are deteriorating infront of your eyes. My mom, becoming obese, having fries and sipping her diet coke, struggling to sway herself off of the couch, how do I find peace in that? 

This journey has taught me to not perpetuate my reality on others. When backed by science you feel compelled and do so, even with honest intention, however, life doesn’t fit like that. You cant help everyone. If people want to pursue their lives a specific way, then they do. I help those who want to be helped. I will do anything for people who want change and will do nothing for those who wont. However, I’m not going to hate these people, because in the end were all the same. Were all someone’s kid, growing up with the same nightmares, playing in the parks, and having our first days of school. Each of us seeing the world through our own perspective. I respect that. Mine isn’t better. Mine is just what makes me feel right. Hence why I don’t only talk about health, because its not who I AM, its just a part of me. In the end I’m human, and so are you. Hence why, take away all these ingredients, and restrictions, and diets, and rules, and your left with one thing. Love. The one ingredient that universally is good for everyone. The one that really makes lives better, regardless of lifestyle. Understanding health means you understand that everyone has their story, has their past, and you love them for who they are. The very fact they have a soul and a heart make them love worthy. If they are interested and open to what you do, great. If not, I love them for who they are.


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