Write “Im-perfection” and decide which meaning you accept.

-There is something magical about today. A gift to witness everything. Man does build things of great beauty, the same way spiders make delicate webs, beavers build giant dams, or birds create nests for their family. We all adapt and mend. Who is the creator? Am I the creators masterpiece? Isnt everything? The human race has molded earth’s landscape to our needs. Was earth designed for this rapid pace. Can the trees, water, and animals thrive for generations to come. 

-What is social media. An alternative medium to connect with vast amounts of people. For someone like me, I no longer need a store front, or partners. I am independent and free. Give value to the world and do what you love. The money comes to those who give everything to life. Who want to make the world brighter and more peaceful, seeking perfection. We live in a time where everything was invented for a reason. Lights, chairs, pottery, cars, tv, etc. Giving us security, warmth, entertainment, and the ability to read novels and be protected from the unknowns of the nights. What is the purpose of colour? There are so many that they can easily pass by undetected. Its purpose is to distinguish what’s beautiful from what’s not beautiful. What we should protect from what’s expendable, the same way baby’s, kittens, chicks, flowers, sunsets, and puppies are all universally adorable. The world wants these to live, they are the future. Beauty is one of the strongest tool for protection. 

-We don’t NEED things like sofas, laptops, nikes, and suitcases, they are luxuries which at times need to be taken away to appreciate their value and purpose. 

-I am not better or worse then anyone. More beautiful or less, I am just another perspective and interpretation of the world, bringing my own form of progress and creativity. Responsibility builds motivation and a sense of self-worth. It can transform people, the same way in times of panic, one can summon the strength to lift a car and do other feats of impossibility. 

-Life rises with the sun, and rest to the stars.

-We are each in our own stage, with our own goals, struggles, and priorities. A part of us seeing the beauty in our challenge and circumstance, and how they make us react. We also have another part of us that is strictly focused on elevating us out of this stage. We experience that similar feeling to playing a song over repeatedly or eating the same meal all the time. We seek novelty and excitement, and always find it in the next phase of our lives. Constantly exceeding our limits and attaining new heights.

-Do some people get bad grades in school as a reflection for ones inability to succumb to another’s reality. In some fields of business, this attitude would be a necessity and seriously cherished. Living on the edge aint the safest, but man its got the nicest view. Caio.


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  1. nice adam.

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